Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet the Jetsons

We've been in the farmhouse for three weeks now. As soon as we had a shower, a toilet, a fridge, and our trusty George Foreman we deemed the place fit to live. Some might question this. But the past three weeks have been supremely happy.

During our first week we lived off of paninis. By the end of that first week though we gained some appliances. Some really freakin' awesome appliances. All of them were deals; some more impressive then others. Without further ado, I present our Appliances...

 Quite possibly the pride and joy of the Kitchen, I give you our Frigidaire Professional Series, in-wall, combination Microwave/Oven. Let me tell you: this piece of awesomeness has had quite the journey before making it into the kitchen. Of course it was a deal and a crazy deal at that.

I was roaming through Lowe's last winter (gotta keep an eye on the deals) and low and behold I stumble upon the Micro-oven. Originally retails for $2600 (stupid money) and was marked down to $650. Found out that this wasn't just your average in-wall Micro-oven, it was a double convection Micro-oven (i.e. will preheat in less than 6 minutes). The only catch was, at this point, we still didn't have a house to put it in. So it was crazy to buy an oven for a house we didn't even have... or was it? We had them hold it for a couple of days so we could think about it. In the end the double convection was too hard to resist.

I called them up and was going to see if they could knock any more off the price and before I could even get out my best haggling voice the woman on the other end said, "Ok, that'll be $350." After double checking that we were talking about the same appliance... I enthusiastically agreed, "Yep. That's the one."

So for many months double convection Micro-oven hid out in storage in a basement, survived a small flood, and is finally here in our kitchen convecting and baking beautifully.

                                                                       It's Convecting!

                                                              First thing baked in our new oven!
                 Second thing? Cookies of course. What else is there, really? Pizza and cookies.

Whirlpool Gold Induction Cooktop. This is in major competition with the Micro-oven for Most Prized Kitchen Appliance because it has the ability to boil water in about 60 seconds! Did you catch that? 60 SECONDS! Which pretty much means relearning cooking altogether.

Be advised: if you stop by our house, compliment our cook top- you may be forced to watch water boil.

 GE French Door Refrigerator with water in the door- we got it for less than the price of the same Side-by-Side that we were planning on.

GE dishwasher on clearance PLUS we found a dent in the back of it and they knocked it down some more!

 Stacking Samsung, front-loading, steam-cleanin', washer and dryer. Not only do they wash and dry clothes, they sing you a song when they're done (you know, instead of that super-annoying Eeaarnah sound?)

                                                                           Pretty Buttons
Still, with all our futuristic appliances we still used the old-fashioned can opener to help with Curry last night.

                                                              I'm bored with this people...

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  1. This is so cool. I love your "voice" in these pieces. I can hear you say these things!